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337 Loop
If you have ever driven from Pa'ia to Hana then that journey should give you an idea of what to expect by taking this route, sans the Pacific Ocean. Here is the way we prefer to make this “loop” and it is pretty simple. Grab some apple pie and strudel in Medina and head west
Austin to Llano
If you are looking for a back road trip up to the Llano area this is the ticket. ·Jump on 290 heading west out of Austin and then turn right onto 12 to head up to 3238. ·Before turning left onto 3238, you could grab some supplies at Bert and Ernie's and then follow 3238
Bandera-Conyon Loop
This is another route that will take you through some terrific hills and across some fabulous river crossings, but instead of exploring the Guadalupe River this trail takes you to the fabulously frosty Frio River. This is the route that you want to take to become familiar with the camping spots and most of the
Beer Garden Loop
Ok, we certainly do not suggest that you drive while under the influence, but if you have a designated driver this day trip could be a real hoot. Start out at any of the beer gardens in Fredericksburg and have a light lunch. Presumably you are wise enough to know whether it is advisable to [...]
Blanco-Henly-Cypress Mill Loop
Here is another fun route with a few opportunities to stop off and see some beautiful areas off of Hamilton Pool Road. You might want to walk around the town square in Blanco and try to figure out what big event you could organize to be held on the second floor of the old courthouse [...]
Boerne-Canyon Lake Loop
Here is a trip you should find interesting if you want to go by a truck load of campgrounds and liveries on the Lower Guadalupe River and the Horseshoe (two places popular with tubers), or if you want to go explore some of the Canyon Lake parks. Starting in Boerne you can go for a [...]
Boerne-Comfort-Bandera Loop
This is a swell little drive through some really pretty countryside that will take you to several noteworthy places. If you want to get an idea of paddle trips that are available in this area, talk to the folks at Texas Kayak in Boerne and there are a couple of outfitters in Bandera as well [...]
Brady Loop
This loop primarily features sites located on the west side of Brady in proximity to the Brady Lake/Brady Creek Reservoir. Brady was settled in the mid-1800s and it is on the former Dodge Cattle Trail. Brady is known as being in the geographical center of Texas, although technically that spot is about 15 miles north [...]
Burnet-Lampasas Loop
This is another easy trip and it will take you to Lampasas (which is in the northeast portion of the Hill Country) and back to Burnet, durnit, learnit. The Texas Legislature named Burnet the Bluebonnet Capital of Texas and the surrounding area is indeed a great place to view wildflowers during the season. To begin, [...]
Camp Wood Loop
Here is another drive through some beautiful scenery, and this one takes you to the far western edge of the Hill Country and the Nueces and Frio River Basins where you can find a few more campgrounds and outfitters for outdoor fun. The eastern portion of this loop covers many of the same roads that [...]
Fredericksburg Loop
This one can be challenging because it has a fair amount of turns, and if you and your significant other do not get into a knock down drag out argument after taking this route you probably have a long future together. All kidding aside, do not attempt this journey unless you are feeling very patient [...]
Johnson City Loop
Johnson City Loop – This is a very nice drive through some pretty interesting countrysid and it especially is a swell drive during the Spring when the bluebonnets are out. There should be plenty of good photo opportunities on these back roads. Start in Johnson City and head west on 290.·Turn left onto Flat Creek [...]
Kerrville-Vanderpool Loop
Here is a relatively short drive that contains some really stunning hills and gorgeous water crossings and it is pretty easy to follow. There are lots of potential swimming holes along this route and you can scout the crossings as possible put in or take out points for kayaks or for fishing areas. It would [...]
Lampasas-Lometa Loop
This is a fairly easy loop to follow and should give you no problems unless they have changed the signs with county road numbers to signs with street names. It will run north alongside the Lampasas River and then cut over to Lometa. Begin by finishing your morning at Hancock Springs and then head north [...]
Llano-Willow City Loop
If you are in a hurry you could always take 16 from Llano to Willow City to see this part of the Hill Country, but we prefer an alternate route. Many folks wait until the Spring to head to Willow City, but it also is a beautiful drive even when there are no wildflowers to [...]
Mason-Harper Loop
This is a relatively short, but scenic drive south of the beautiful town of Mason to Harper where you can stop for lunch or dinner, or as granddad would say, dinner or supper. You will go by the James River bat cave during this journey and you will pass through a fair amount of water-sculptured [...]
Mason-Llano Loop
You might want to walk around the square in Mason to loosen up your legs and to take a look at the courthouse and other structures before taking the long way over to Llano. This route will take you through some very pretty countryside in the Llano Uplift portion of the Hill Country. This area [...]
Medina Lake Loop
This one can be a little bumpy in places, but it will take you to Quihi (for some shooting and dancing) and over to Medina Lake (for some fishing and swimming) and then to Bandera (for some roping and riding). Start in Bandera and take 173 south until you come to 251 where you will [...]
Menard-Junction-Mason Loop
Start out in the ranching community of Menard for this loop that will take you through various locations of the northwest portion of the Hill Country. If it is a pleasant morning, you might want to take the “ditch walk” in Menard before starting your journey so you can get the blood flowing before starting [...]
North Marble Falls Loop
This is a pretty little drive through some picturesque countryside that is an easy one you probably could do with one eye tied behind your back. But you would not want to do that because you need your depth perception to appreciate all the sites fully. This is a scenic drive that will take you [...]
San Saba-Cherokee Loop
Here is a relatively easy trail that will take you through a large portion of southern San Saba County, previously known many, many years ago as the home of the Buzzard's Hole mob. Most of the county roads north of San Saba are set out on a grid pattern so we suggest heading out to [...]
South Marble Falls Loop
This is a short drive just south of Marble Falls, which is the home of the annual speed boat roaces. This drive should take you to some fun country roads that you will find enjoyable. Start off by having breakfast at the Blue Bonnet Café or take something to eat to one of the parks [...]
Wimberley-Henly Loop
Here is a fun trip around Wimberley (a town that was established by, gasp, cypress tree cutters as were several other towns in the Hills) that might take you to a couple of places you have not yet seen. Dry off from your morning spent at Blue Hole and then take RR 12 south of [...]